Compliance – Reporting Path System

The Reporting Path System of „Seeburger – Informatik“ EOOD (SEEBURGER) gives you the opportunity to inform us about violations of legal regulations and / or compliance rules and thus to contribute to their disclosure.

Please note that our reference system is not intended for complaints.

Compliance with legal and internal compliance rules

Compliance with legal requirements and internal compliance rules is a top priority for SEEBURGER. Violations must be recognized at an early stage in order to initiate appropriate countermeasures and to prevent possible damage for customers, employees, business partners and the company.

Severe violations in the company

SEEBURGER has set up several reporting paths in order to be able to find out about serious breaches in the company in a timely manner and to provide appropriate information. Both employees of SEEBURGER and external persons can provide information on potential bribery, fraud, antitrust violations, violations of the law on money laundering or the violation of accounting rules.

Possible reporting paths

If you have concrete or well-founded indications of serious legal violations or violations of regulations at SEEBURGER or you suspect, you have the following possibilities:

Corporate Compliance

Anonymous hints may not be considered. In such a case, please provide as much details as possible and, if available, documents that support your suspicion. Only if there are sufficiently concrete investigations and reasonable grounds for suspecting, your indication can ultimately effect something.

SEEBURGER follows all the reasonable indications. In the context of their processing, we ensure the highest confidentiality, personal data protection and fairness in dealing with the advisor. This also applies to employees who are affected by an allegation.