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The SEEBURGER brands

Worldwide, more than 10,000 companies use and appreciate the solutions of SEEBURGER AG (hereinafter: “SEEBURGER”), taking advantage of the trademarks and service trademarks of SEEBURGER, which represent high-quality service and software products. Only by these trademarks, our customers are able to distinguish the high-quality SEEBURGER solutions from other solutions. For this reason, the protection of SEEBURGER trademarks as well as all brands of the companies associated with SEEBURGERS is essential.

This copyright information contains an incomplete list of trademarks of SEEBURGER and registered trademarks of SEEBURGER AG in Germany and many other countries with the corresponding common names. This list of brands is updated occasionally. If a trademark of SEEBURGER is not listed, this does not constitute a waiver of the rights to the trademark. SEEBURGER is entitled to change the content of this copyright information at any time and without prior notice.

The name of the SEEBURGER , the logo of SEEBURGER , SEEBURGER’s trademarks, information or publication by SEEBURGER or parts thereof may only be used with the express prior written consent of SEEBURGER AG.

The information of these Copyright Information is provided by SEEBURGER and is for information purposes only. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, SEEBURGER assumes no liability for the usability of this information for any purpose. The terms and conditions and all texts of this website also apply to these Copyright Information.

If you have any questions concerning the use of the SEEBURGER trademarks, please send an e-mail to SEEBURGER respects the rights and intellectual property of third parties; We also expect this from our users. If you are interested in any visualization, texts or graphics of this website or if you would like to use any of such visualization texts or graphic, please send us an e-mail:

Requirements for SEEBURGER trademarks

  • When referring to trademarks of SEEBURGER, the following reference to the proprietary rights must be attached to the copyright side of accompanying materials or at the bottom of advertisements that contain such references: “[SEEBURGER TRADE MARKS (N)]” is / are trademarks or registered trademarks Of SEEBURGER AG in Germany and many other countries.”
  • Any use of the name of SEEBURGER AG or any of the logos of SEEBURGER AG or SEEBURGER trademarks or information or publication by SEEBURGER or parts thereof is defined by SEEBURGER’s declaration of consent and limited to the purpose specified therein.
  • Registered trademarks are marked with the symbol ®. Trademarks, which are not registered or are pending registration, are marked with the symbol ©. As far as possible, these symbols should always be used, with the exception of display forms where, due to a low resolution, the symbol may be unrecognizable.
  • The registered trademark SEEBURGER applies to all goods and services provided by SEEBURGER, that is, to the entire product range of SEEBURGER. For this reason, the correct names are SEEBURGER ® -Software, SEEBURGER ® – Solution, SEEBURGER ® – Application, etc.
  • If it is referred to SEEBURGER as a company, rather than a SEEBURGER trademark, the guidelines for the use of trademarks shall not apply. This means that the symbol ® is not used in a context to express “SEEBURGER has announced today”, “SEEBURGER provides solutions for customers ready” and “the SEEBURGER development team”. The form describing certain attributes of SEEBURGER by “of SEEBURGER” may be used when referring to SEEBURGER as a company and not to the SEEBURGER trademark. For example: “the vision of SEEBURGER” or “many years of experience of SEEBURGER”.
  • A trademark is an attributive or a keyword used as a name, which is connected and highlighted with a hyphen. The wording “SEEBURGER Software” is the incorrect display. Instead, “SEEBURGER ® -Software” is the correct display. The correct uppercase or lowercase letters, including upper-case spelling or upper-case spelling, can be found in the Trademark Notices.
  • As stated above, trademarks must bear the appropriate symbol (e.g., © or ®). In the event that using such symbol makes the presentation too confusing, the symbol shall introduced with the general name of the solution and the appropriate symbol (© or ®) at its first use (both in the title and in the text). After such an introduction, the symbol and the general name no longer need to be listed with the trademark. For example: “the SEEBURGER ® -BIS: explore ® is very popular among the entry level of EDI. The BIS: explore can be used for … ©”.
  • All trademarks shall be used with its official and approved name in the appropriate upper and lower case writing. For the correct spelling and appropriate upper and lower case writing, please see relevant Trademark Notices for the SEEBURGER trademarks, below.
  • Never use a registered trademark as a noun, but always as a destination word or attribute. For example, the wording “With you can exchange company data” is the incorrect display. The correct display may be, for example, “With -Solution you may exchange company data”.
  • Third parties such as developers, partners, customers, are not entitled to include logos or trademarks of SEEBURGER or of a subsidiary of SEEBURGER in the name of their products, companies or domains. In the event SEEBURGER has given explicit permission to use the respective trademark, the following information is intended to assist third parties and SEEBURGER employees cooperating with any third party in the correct use of trademarks:
    • SEEBURGER’s solutions and services may only be identified with the correct trademark. For example, BIS: explore may not be displayed merely as “SEEBURGER software © , but as” SEEBURGER BIS: explore ® “or as” BIS: explore ® , a product from the company SEEBURGER”.
    • If you use, or verbally mention, SEEBURGER trademarks in your advertisements, brochures, documentation, presentations, websites, your own advertising and on Internet search engines, it must at all times made clear and unambiguous that this is a product or a protected trademark of SEEBURGER.
    • Trademarks of SEEBURGER may not be included in the names of products or services, companies, domains, title of documentation, etc. from third parties. Modifications from the trademarks of SEEBURGERS are also prohibited.
    • Do not use SEEBURGER trademarks for computer-related comparison or context, even if such use may be considered as a generally accepted term or day-to-day use. A use or display like e.g. “Uncomplicated as WinELKE” or “Similar to the BIS: exlpore © ” are illicit display.
    • Under no circumstances, a reference to SEEBURGER shall occur as recommending or supporting a third party product. For example, it is illicit to display a third party training programs as “Authorized SEEBURGER training”.
  • To the extent permitted by SEEBURGER, the use of copying and distribution of documents, including the documents, information, and linked graphics provided on this website, must always be made with reference to the following copyright notice and shall display on every copies or reproductions:

© Copyright 2022 SEEBURGER– Informatik Ltd. All rights reserved.

Trademark Notices

List of the SEEBURGERs' brands: 4invoice ® , iMartOne ® , SEEBURGER ® , SEEBURGER Business-Integration Server ® , SEEBURGER Logistic Solution Professional ® , SEEBURGER Web Supplier Hub ® , WinELKE ® , SEEBURGER File Exchange ® , SEEBURGER Link ® , SMART E-Invoice ® and other SEEBURGER products and services mentioned in the text as well as the corresponding logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SEEBURGER AG in Germany and other countries worldwide. All other names of products and services are trademarks of their respective companies.

The software products offered by SEEBURGER or software products offered by partners may contain software components from other software producers. As far as reference to other brands is concerned, we refer to the following:

SAP ® , SAP ® R/3 ® , SAP NetWeaver ® , SAP Cloud Plattform & Cloud Plattform Integrator ® , SAP Archive Link ® , SAP S/4HANA ® , SAP ® GLOBAL TRADE Service ® (SAP GTS), SAP Fiori ® , ABAP™ and SAP ARIBA ® are registered trade marks of the SAP SE or the SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG (Germany). Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Silverlight, and Visual Studio are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries. UNIX, X/Open, OSF/1, and Motif are registered trademarks of the Open Group. Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, Flash, PostScript, and Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and / or other countries. HTML, ML, XHTML, and W3C are trademarks, registered trademarks, or claimed as generic terms by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), or Keio University. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and its affiliates.

All other company and software names mentioned are registered trademarks or unregistered trademarks of their respective companies and are, as such, subject to the statutory provisions and legal regulations.