Support Services

24/7 availability, customer care, reliability, reachability, fast solutions

We are the Team that never sleeps. SEEBURGER Group provides software to all industry sectors, for example banking institutions, automotive, logistics, food, clothing, energy and many more. No matter if it is a small company or a multi-million enterprise running our software, there  are critical issues that might completely stop the business: an incoming order is blocked, a truck is waiting at the border, а Just-In-Time process holds the entire assembly line. SEEBURGER’s devoted engineers drive to a solution, to ensure that these are resolved in a timely manner. We are offering a complete management of the system installed on customers premise, leaving them to focus on their core business. Our Trading Partner Services go beyond the systems management, here we communicate with our customers trading partner base to ensure fast and compliant connection setups.  We are a very important part of the service lifecycle.  For us the phrase “Never slow, never down” is not a cliché, it is what we thrive for every day.


Technical Product Support
Trading Partner Services
Remote Managed Services
Service Management


Java, Grafana, Prometheus, ITSM, TeamViewer, GoТоAssist, MS Teams, SQL, Linux/Unix, VMWare, SAP, OpenProject